Have you been seeing green lately?

Seeing green these days has less to do with envy and more about online security. Especially on www.fremontbank.com. We just adopted a new security feature on our website, known as Extended Validation Certificates.

“What are Extended Validation (EV) Certificates?” you may ask. These certificates are commonly referred to as the “green address bars.” The EV Certificates cause web browsers to change the address bar to a green color and also display the name of the organization to which the certificate was issued. Certificate issuers will only grant the certificates to an organization after they have verified that the genuine organization is requesting the certificate. Therefore, the “green address bar” gives you and our visitors the assurance that the website you are visiting is actually owned by Fremont Bank and not a fraudulent site posing as us.

By using an EV Certificate, it’s much easier to recognize when a website might not be approved. This added layer of web authentication is just one of the ways we are helping build your trust and confidence when transacting with us online. (You may recall that we implemented the “green address bar” for Online Banking a few months ago, learn more.)

The nice thing is that you don’t need to take any action. These EV certificates are pre-installed on your browser. You’ll also find green bars on other website that have installed these EV certificates. 
There are other colors to be aware of when you’re surfing online. If the web address bar is white, then that means that the website has not been encrypted with the EV certificate. If you see a yellow address bar, you should proceed with caution. This means that there may be certain characteristics that are consistent with the behavior of fraudulent web sites. A red address bar is something to be taken seriously. This means that the website is a known phishing site and is misrepresenting its identity or that a problem exists with the EV certificate. You’ll want to proceed with extreme care and be sure not to enter any personal data.

Be sure to stay tuned to more updates. Fremont Bank continues to progress with the latest technology to keep you secure as you transact online.  
Posted by: Jenny Avon, Online Marketing Manager, Associate Since 2002
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