Fremont Bank Offers Affordable Private Student Loan Programs

FREMONT, Calif., October 31, 2014–Fremont Bank, a leading full-service community bank in California announced today that they are offering private student loans and private student loan consolidations in the Bay Area, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.  With college enrollment at an all-time high, paired with the escalating cost of tuition, Fremont Bank is pleased to offer higher education financing without origination fees for students and graduates.
“We are excited to expand our services, entering a new lending arena, to meet the needs of our community,” said Brad Anderson, Fremont Bank Vice Chairman of the Board. “Our student loans offer students a way to pay for education expenses when other sources of financial aid aren’t enough and recent grads can take advantage of our low rates by refinancing and consolidating existing student debt.”
The Fremont Bank Private Student Loan can help pay for all qualified education expenses, including tuition, room and board and books when federal options are exhausted.  The private student loans will allow borrowers and co-signers deferment or interest only payment options with no hidden costs or fees.  Fremont Bank is also developing a unique financial literacy component that helps students learn responsible repayment habits and how to build their credit history while they are still in school.
For recent college graduates currently faced with high interest private student loan debt, Fremont Bank offers a consolidation and refinancing solution. The Fremont Bank Private Student Loan Consolidation combines loans from multiple lenders into one easy payment to reduce the chance of a missed or late payment.  This refinancing option can also potentially save thousands of dollars in student loan payments every year, allowing borrowers to put the extra money towards savings, paying off their debt faster, or towards a major purchase such as a car or home.
Fremont Bank is offering both loan programs with no application and no origination fees to overcome the type of financial barriers that impede students and graduates from obtaining sensible financing. To find out more about the student lending programs, go to
About Fremont Bank
Fremont Bank ( is a leading retail and commercial bank in California.  Founded in 1964, Fremont Bank is one of the oldest independent family-owned and managed banks in the state and focuses on personalized service for clients. It has 18 branches across the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Monterey with loan production offices in Sacramento and Los Angeles counties. Find Fremont Bank on Facebook at and on Twitter at @FremontBank.
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