Security Advisory - New software upgrade iOS 7.1 for iPhone® and iPad® - get it now

If you use an iPhone® or iPad® for online banking, either through a web browser or with our Mobile Banking app, we encourage you to update to the latest version of Apple iOS.
On March 10, 2014, Apple released version 7.1 of their iOS operating system for iPhones® and iPads®, which fixes 41 security vulnerabilities that can allow attackers to intercept your data or take control of your device. 
Use the following guidelines and instructions to update your device(s) as soon as possible.
Please Note: If you do not know what version you are on, go to Settings > General > About and look at the Version information.
As with any Apple software update, please make sure that you are connected to your office or home wireless network to avoid potential cellular data charges. 
Plug your device into a charger during the update process to avoid accidental battery drain in the middle of an update.
To update your software:
1.       Tap on Settings > General > Software Update
2.       Tap on Download and Install
3.       The update will begin to download and apply to your device.  The process will take approximately 15-20 minutes.  Your phone will reboot upon completion of the update.  
We are providing this notice as a service to our customers, to help you protect yourself.  If you need technical assistance or more information about these updates, visit
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