Fremont Bank Foundation, The Taylor Family Foundation Unveil Renovated Infirmary at Camp Arroyo

FREMONT, Calif., July 22, 2013 - Fremont Bank Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Fremont Bank, recently awarded
The Taylor Family Foundation (TTFF) an $18,500 grant to refurbish the infirmary at Camp Arroyo in Livermore Valley. TTFF unveiled the completed facility today during a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by staff, Fremont Bank Foundation, East Bay Regional Park District, YMCA of the East Bay and members of the community.

“Our partnership with Fremont Bank Foundation is making a difference in the lives of the courageous children we're privileged to serve,” said Angie Carmignani, TTFF's executive director. “The new infirmary will enhance the level of care we can provide during camp, giving parents peace of mind and ensuring children have the best experience possible.”

TTFF's mission is to preserve the wellness and enhance the quality of life for children in Northern California living with life-threatening or chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities, as well as at-risk youth. The foundation operates Camp Arroyo, through which it provides a once-in-a-lifetime camp experience for nearly 3,000 children each year at no cost to their families. The camp's infirmary is one of the most critical facilities onsite to ensure participating children receive proper care.

“The Taylor Family Foundation is doing extraordinary work and giving the gifts of joy and happiness to thousands of children and their families,” said Fremont Bank Foundation President Hattie Hyman Hughes. “It's our sincere hope that the renovated infirmary will enable dedicated camp staff to continue providing quality care for the children they serve.”

The grant provided by Fremont Bank Foundation was used to replace the infirmary's floor, update medical desks, install wireless capability, and provide a warm and welcoming space for children.

TTFF has served approximately 40,000 children since 1990.

About Fremont Bank Foundation

Fremont Bank is the primary funding source for Fremont Bank Foundation, which was established in 1995 as an independent, private grant-making foundation. Sharing with the community is at the heart of Fremont Bank Foundation, which provides financial assistance to nonprofit organizations for the implementation of services and programs that enhance the quality of life for all people in the communities served by Fremont Bank.

About The Taylor Family Foundation and Camp Arroyo

The Taylor Family Foundation, founded by Elaine and Barry Taylor in 1990, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Camp Arroyo is a beautiful residential camp serving children year-round as a place to explore, learn and grow in an ideal outdoor setting. Nestled in the hills surrounding the 138-acre Del Valle Regional Wilderness in Livermore, California, the camp was formally opened in 2000 and serves thousands each year. Owned by the East Bay Regional Park District, Camp Arroyo is operated in collaboration with The Taylor Family Foundation and the YMCA of the East Bay.

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