Evolving Digital Banking: At Fremont Bank, it's always personal


Now more than ever, it’s vital to have a bank that is reliable, secure and capable of delivering when you need it most. One of the many things the 2020 pandemic made crystal clear is that we all need access to loans, debt relief, savings, day-to-day cash, bill payment systems, and so on, regardless of local or global events. That is why banks are “essential businesses,”  mandated to stay open. Through this, we’ve had to be even more flexible, available, and responsive so that we can support our clients no matter how urgent the circumstances are.
We know that our clients’ needs change as technological advancements continue to evolve ever farther and faster. Our goal is to not just meet those needs but to anticipate clients' needs in the future, while also ensuring our digital banking capabilities match our top-notch customer service. What does this mean? Well, a few things:
You asked, we listened.

At Fremont Bank, our focus has always been providing our clients with top-notch banking experiences. So, when our clients said they wanted more from our digital services, we rolled up our sleeves and began a complete overhaul of our digital banking offerings.
Here’s what’s coming soon:
  • Personal Mobile and Online Banking: Mobile and online banking are being completely redesigned with high value features. You’ll have advanced tools that enable you to see the big picture of your finances as well as streamline day-to-day tasks like managing your accounts, depositing checks, paying bills, and paying people. Everything you can do on your mobile phone you can also do from your computer, so there is a single, unified, user-friendly experience.
  • CardGuard: Formerly known as CardValet, CardGuard, will allow you to control and protect your debit cards with much more precision and convenience. You will have the ability to lock and unlock your debit card, and receive alerts when you reach certain spending limits. We all want protection and peace of mind; CardGuard is well-suited for that.
  • Fremontbank.com: Our website is undergoing a full redesign from the ground up. It will offer seamless access to all of our products and services, effortless navigation, and provide up-to-date news from Fremont Bank. We are completely changing the look and feel; both the design and functionality will rival what you see on the websites of much larger banks.
  • Fremont Bank ATMs: All of our ATMs are being replaced with a fresh design that includes brighter surrounds and larger screens, as well as new security capabilities, like an anti-skimming feature that protects your debit card data. Our new machines also process transactions faster, so you can bank on the go with ease.You probably didn’t think an ATM can be exciting. Just wait.
Trust and security

When you work with someone in person you want to know they’re trustworthy and your info is safe. Banking digitally must give you the same rock solid safety. This is non-negotiable. We’ve taken extra steps to ensure that you experience the same sense of safety online as you do when you walk into one of our branches.
For instance, our online banking portal and mobile banking app will have stronger password requirements, as well as secure mobile sign-in options through facial and fingerprint recognition for fast and secure access. We’ve also added out-of-band authentication, which allows you to send a security code via text, email, and voice for an extra layer of security. 
Staying connected together.

While Fremont Bank is putting a lot of emphasis on digital banking, we want our clients to know our emphasis on providing quality service and relationships remains unwavering. We are and will always be a phone call or branch away. We strive for innovative and convenient ways to serve our clients and stay connected together. Whether you prefer to bank at a branch or at home, we will continue to provide the same level of service and care.
You don’t stay in business this long without great relationships and you can’t have great relationships without great personal experiences. We will keep you updated as we get closer to launching these new products in the coming months. And more than anything, we will continue listening and doing what it takes to maintain our connection to our clients and our reputation as the Bay Area’s leading community bank.

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