Sauced BBQ and Spirits knows how to serve up what the people want

Launching a restaurant is challenging. Expanding to several new locations in a few short years can seem impossible. Sauced BBQ and Spirits wanted to bring the people what they need – excellent BBQ – and needed a business bank that believed in their dream.

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El Segundo, Irvine, Livermore, Orange, Sacramento, Santana Row, Walnut Creek

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When you walk into Sauced BBQ and Spirits, prepare to be hit with the mouthwatering smell of smokers hard at work.

Barrett Gomes, President and CEO, and his cousin Brenden Scanlan wanted to start a restaurant. The only trouble? They only knew how to cook BBQ.

Lucky for them, BBQ was just what Livermore needed. After a ton of research, the team saw a need for a local BBQ restaurant with Southern charm. The doors to Sauced BBQ and Spirits flew open for those incredible smells and equally incredible food in 2012.

Good things go great together

Sauced is best known for their burnt ends and smoked meat. All-natural burnt ends are created from a more marbled part of the brisket, so they’re extra tender and tasty.

BBQ pairs brilliantly with spirits – so patrons can choose from a full bar with over 250 bourbons, whiskeys, scotches and ryes or a Sauced line of beer brewed locally.

Weekly entertainment includes trivia night, live music, and even bingo. Over two dozen large flat-screen TVs make it possible to watch all the live sports available.

Helping add more Sauced

Since 2015, the world has required more Sauced, and expansion was on the menu. Several new spots opened and, today, there are seven locations. 

Beyond the demand for fine BBQ and spirits, financing from a Fremont Bank business expansion loan made it happen.

Just like Fremont Bank, Sauced BBQ and Spirits is family owned and operated. When considering who to bank with, Barrett looked to his personal bank. Knowing how well he’d been served, it was an easy decision to go with Fremont Bank for Sauced. 

As Barrett shared, “I like that I know my bankers and can call them up at any time.” We like knowing that there is access to Sauced in so many places!