How a community bank can help your company flourish

See the three reasons one local commercial real estate expert believes in banking with a community bank. (And, no, it’s not just location, location, location.)

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A quick search on the internet of what makes someone successful in commercial real estate yields results about expertise in relationship and local markets, responsiveness and flexibility, and the ability to take well-considered risks and stay ahead of market trends. Chris Keith would know about these necessary traits – he’s been working in commercial real estate for more than 25 years. 

When it came time to evaluate his business banking relationship more than a decade ago, he realized he wanted a bank with a similar list. 

As an entrepreneur, Chris understands investing in a new business venture comes with uncertainty. Where will this decision take you in one, five, or ten years? How will this new investment affect your family? Will the gamble pay off?

One thing that doesn’t have to be uncertain: his relationship with his bank. 

Here are three top reasons Chris looked to make the switch to a community bank.

A community bank knows your business.

At the top for Chris: deep understanding of local issues and a commitment to bringing the same understanding to his business. 

Chris wanted a banker who took the time to learn the ins and outs and ups and downs of his business and who was ready to be a trusted advisor to help find solutions to his business needs. 

“Other banks’ attention to you depended on the amount of money you had. Fremont Bank has treated us better than anything I could have ever expected.”

A community bank values relationships.

Chris knows the power of a passion for service and wanted a community bank that leads with relationships. “An 800 number for me doesn’t do it. Other banks’ attention can depend on the amount of money you have. I wanted to be treated better."

Chris appreciated how people-focused the business banking team at Fremont Bank is. “Personal relationships and responsiveness are very meaningful to me.” He wanted the ability to talk to somebody who knows him and his business. He wanted a bank that wants to help create solutions.

I see the same friendly faces. The calls I get are from people I know. There’s security in knowing that. It’s one of the few vendor relationships I truly cherish and that has treated me well over the years.

Chris Keith, Commercial Real Estate Expert

A community bank offers stability and flexibility.

Fremont Bank has been a stable part of the community landscape for more than 60 years. We’re able to offer expertise in the local small business community, and we can provide speed and flexibility bigger banks simply can’t. 

“When you choose to work with a community bank, you’re getting time, care, and consideration that big banks simply can’t offer. Fremont Bank did take a risk with us in evaluating our credit line. They provided us an opportunity that allowed us to take certain risks that other banks wouldn’t have taken.”

A community bank also has the space – and interest – to think creatively and be flexible. “Fremont Bank found a way to provide credit and loans that would help us, and in doing so has allowed our business to flourish.”

“As things have gotten better, our business has gotten better. Fremont Bank has stood behind us the entire time.”

When businesses in our community prosper, our community prospers, and our bank prospers. We’re as invested in your success as you are. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear more from Chris about how Fremont Bank enabled his business to flourish.