Assemble your small business team

Who you gonna call? When building your business, don’t forget to build your team – the people and professionals who will show up so you can follow your dreams.

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You may plan to be a one-person shop forever. You may have dreams of hiring staff to run your brick-and-mortar or online biz. You may be thinking big – multiple locations across the state. Beyond the people you may hire to do the day-to-day operations of your business, there are folks to consider for a wider definition of team. These individuals will help you keep your business and business goals on track.

Here are six types of team members to consider.

Legal counsel

File away the names of any good small business lawyers mentioned at industry meetups, chamber of commerce meetings, or other sources. You may not need them on a regular retainer. Still, having a trustworthy attorney you can call when the time comes – say for set-up, contracts, employment, hiring/firing – can save you legal headaches down the line.


An accountant can help manage your tax burden – ensuring you don’t overpay or underpay your business taxes and ensuring you maximize your deductions. If you’ve used a personal accountant in the past, be sure that individual is ready for the new challenge of navigating business accounting. Finding someone with small business experience will serve you best in the long run. Ask other local small businesses who they use and trust.


A mentor’s invaluable insights foster your new skills. Learn how to start and grow a business – from negotiation to hiring to growth strategies – from someone who’s been in your shoes. Be ready to handle constructive criticism, and you’ll reap the rewards of objective, experience-based feedback. Some mentorships are fee-based, but not all are. Need a place to start your search? Score offers free mentor matching and volunteer mentor services!


Whether you find an agency, a small team, or individual freelancers, making your brand look and sound great is a wise investment. Graphic designers, copywriters, content creators, social media managers, marketing experts, and PR professionals are all creatives you can consider hiring on an hourly, project, retainer, or longer-term basis to level up your brand presence.

Supportive friends & family

A strong personal network can help you bring your best to your business. These are the trusted people you can grab lunch with, go for a walk with, ask for advice, or ask to skip the business talk when you need a break. Empower them to understand when you need an ear or when you need ideas to make the most of your time together. They’ll be there to celebrate your successes, tackle new challenges head-on, and encourage you to bounce back from disappointments.

Small business banking expert

Knowing what business account will work best for you and what business credit cards or business loans you might want to apply for are just the start of what a local bank with a small business focus can do. A local community bank, like Fremont Bank, offers unique insights into the communities we serve. Unlike other banks, we also offer ways to get your name out in the area, like the Fremont Bank Small Business Directory. And investing with a local bank is investing in your local community! Everyone wins.

Want to hear more about what local experts had to say about building a business dream team? We hosted a panel discussion moderated by Vice President of Commercial Banking Terick Albert. Take a look.