Best small business grants you can apply for online

We’ve got a quick-click roundup of grants organized first by general availability then to grants designed to serve specific populations of business owners.

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Grants can help a small business do everything, from start to grow to run efficiently day-to-day. Grants are often financial awards — and they don’t have to be repaid — but they can also include training, supplies, and more. There are grants from the government at the local, state, and federal level, and from companies, foundations, and other entities. 

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We’ve got a quick-click roundup of grants organized first by general availability then to grants designed to serve specific populations of business owners (women-owned, BIPOC-owned, etc.). 

Be sure to check on each individual grant’s deadlines and requirements, and good luck!

Not sure where to start? is a centralized database of grants offered by government agencies that also includes tips for grant writing and other resources. Dip your grant-finding toes in there and then head to our list.

I’m a small business owner looking for general grants…

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Program
Register for courses, coaching, networking, and resources. Rolling $10,000 grants are available for business owners who complete required coursework.

Fast Break for Small Business Grant Program
Applicants compete for a $10,000 grant and/or $500 in LegalZoom support. Applications usually close in mid-September.

FedEx Small Business Grants Program
Ten US-based small businesses are selected for $20,000 - $50,000 in grants. Annual program with application deadlines in late Q1/early Q2.

Awesome Foundation Grants
Monthly $1,000 grants are available for individuals, groups, and businesses looking for funding for a range of products. Rolling applications.

500 Global Flagship Accelerator Program
A four-month accelerator program out of San Francisco comes with a $150,000 investment. Rolling, year-round awards.

America’s Seed Fund
The Small Business Association (SBA) coordinates this fund that awards grants for small businesses in the tech industry worth up to $1.8 million.

National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grants
Quarterly Growth Grants award $4,000 to members of the association with a business need and a strong plan to use the funds.

Comcast RISE
Two funds provide an award of $10,000 along with business support, including a tech makeover and a 30-second TV spot, along with ad and marketing consultation.

I’m a small business owner looking for California-based small business grants…

Start with the California Grants Portal. It’s managed by the California State Library and lets you search for small business grants offered by state agencies.

San Francisco Accessibility Grant
Looking to improve accessibility in your business registered in San Francisco? A maximum $10,000 grant may be awarded in about two weeks thanks to the San Francisco government.

California Paid Family Leave Grant Program
Two tiers of grants were designed to support paid family leave for the employees of small businesses via cost coverage for elements like training for other staff members.

EmployABILITY Business Grant
If you want to hire and retain employees with disabilities as a California-based business, you can access grants between $20,000 and $200,000.

San Francisco Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund
Grant awards of up to $5,000 from this fund are available to San Francisco businesses that are at least 50% women-owned and have been in operation at least one year.

Route 66 Extraordinary Women Micro-Grant
New and existing women-owned businesses operating along the iconic Route 66 can apply for rounds of funding.

I’m a small business owner looking for grants for women-owned businesses…

IFundWomen Universal Grant Application
Women business owners can start with this resource that provides priority access to millions of dollars in grants from a range of brand partners via a single application.

The Amber Grant Foundation
Monthly, quarterly and annual awards are available to women entrepreneurs. Additional grants are available in 12 business categories.

I’m looking for grants for women-owned businesses and I’m a mom...

Get business formation costs covered, form an LLC, and more with this rolling program designed just for mom business owners.

The Kitty Fund
Twenty-five $1000 microgrants are available to U.S-based small business owners who also identify as mothers.

Cartier Women's Initiative Entrepreneur Program
Women impact entrepreneurs working in social and environmental sustainability can compete for awards in a variety of categories. Beyond financial support, recipients are provided coaching and peer networking.

RTC Women in Tech Fund
Three different grants help early-career women applicants as well as women college students disrupt inequity in the tech sector. Rolling applications are accepted.

I’m a small business owner looking for grants for BIPOC-owned businesses…

Black Ambition Prize
Open to Black and Hispanic early-stage innovators, this competition offers a series of financial awards along with coaching and a community of recipients to learn from and grow with.

U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Program
Minority-owned businesses can get expert advice and access targeted grants from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The Wish Local Empowerment Program
Black-owned small businesses who become Wish Local partners can access grants up to $2000 from a dedicated fund totalling $2 million and gain partnership opportunities.

SheaMoisture Grant Programs
A range of grant programs offers awards totaling $1 million in direct funding for small Black-owned businesses based in the U.S. that are at least one year old.

HerRise MicroGrant
Open to businesses majority-owned by women of color, this monthly award helps close the funding gap while supporting innovative community solutions.

Galaxy Grants
Resources, tools, and $2,750 in funding are available to women and minority entrepreneurs.

I’m a small business owner looking for grants for veteran-owned businesses…

Hivers & Strivers Investment Program
Veteran-owned and veteran-led businesses can access funding opportunities ranging from $250,000 to $1 million. Applications are on a rolling basis.

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