Partnering to promote community health

Our ongoing partnership with Washington Hospital began at the inception of the hospital’s foundation in 1983, focusing on the need to create and maintain a healthy community.

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Fremont Bank focuses on what is needed to create and maintain healthy and vibrant communities in the areas it serves. An outstanding example of this is the ongoing partnership with our client Washington Hospital, which began thanks to our founder, Morris Hyman, at the inception of the hospital’s foundation in 1983.

Since then, we’ve supported several of the hospital’s projects, including a $3.8 million donation to create the state-of-the-art Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion, which doubled the number of critical care beds in the hospital. This continues Morris’s long-term legacy of providing the very best possible health care to the community.

We have doubled the number of critical care beds.

Nancy Farber, CEO, Washington Hospital Healthcare System

See how some of Washington Hospital’s team discuss this partnership in action:

A few things stand out when you understand the values Morris established for the bank, and how these values have fostered this unusual and close partnership between Fremont Bank and our hospital neighbor.

A bank should be at the heart of a community.

  • Morris Hyman believed that a bank should be at the heart of a community.
  • He believed that a community bank should have a mutually supportive relationship between itself and all the family businesses in the Bay Area.
  • He believed that partnerships with businesses should be about more than prosperity; they should also ensure a first-class quality of life for the community.
  • He set a standard of giving 5% of the bank’s profits to the community in good times and in bad.

Most people don’t think of a bank as being a community partner in addition to being a financial partner and are surprised when they see our commitment to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. Get to know us! Maybe there’s a way we can support your quality of life too.

[Morris] knew that a bank…could provide help and support to its citizens in a way that other institutions couldn’t. That’s why he formed Fremont Bank.

Hattie Hyman Hughes