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Associate Spotlight: Annapoorani Sadayappan

2024 is Fremont Bank's 60th anniversary, and there's no denying it's our team of associates that has enabled us to thrive for this long. That said, meet Annapoorani Sadayappan! Anna is an all-around superstar and a key member of our Client Experience (CX) team. Her dedication to enhancing our clients' experience shines as she brings grace and cheer to every task. Read on and get to know Anna better.

How long have you worked at Fremont Bank, and what do you do here?

I’ve worked at Fremont Bank for six years now in the Client Experience (CX) department. I am responsible for consolidating and sending out survey reports to business units on a weekly basis. I am also responsible for replying to the community on our social media platforms. I track and send CX Feedbacks that have been submitted by associates to the right business leaders. Keep those CX Feedbacks coming!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I enjoy reading and understanding what our clients think about Fremont Bank. On the majority of the verbatim we receive, our clients are extremely satisfied with us, and the ones who are not satisfied pave a way for us to improve their experience. I also enjoy working with a great team!

What’s your greatest strength as a business professional?

My greatest strength as a business professional is that I am a structured person. I prioritize and plan out my schedule to be efficient and ensure that I meet all my deadlines. I am also very focused and have a positive attitude.

What was your favorite cartoon/show growing up? Why?

My favorite show growing up was “Friends.” I remember it was the first show I watched with my siblings. We all just enjoyed it so much and bonded over all the characters. It’s still fun to rewatch it now with my siblings! “Pivot” (a reference for all you “Friends” fans out there)!

What’s your dream vacation?

My dream vacation is Bali, Indonesia. I’ve seen pictures, and it looks gorgeous. The scenic beaches and the serenity are truly captivating!