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Associate Spotlight Regina Gomez Aldea

For our November Associate Spotlight, we’re thankful to this associate, as she is one of the integral components that make up our Facilities and Logistics dream team! With four impactful years at Fremont Bank, our next associate discusses her ability to collaborate and adapt in a virtual environment. Join us as we get to know Procurement Specialist Regina Gomez Aldea!

How long have you worked at Fremont Bank and what do you do here?

I will have been at Fremont Bank for four years this December and am currently a procurement specialist. I work closely with Facilities and Logistic Services – together we make up one big dream team!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

There’s much that I enjoy about my job. If I had to narrow it down, what I enjoy most is supporting our associates through procuring what they need to run their daily bank operations. Although my work is low-profile/backstage, it’s an integral part necessary to the business as a whole. I find this very gratifying!

What’s your greatest strength as a business professional?

Being collaborative. It has led the way to being adaptable and versatile in working with others and in different environments. It also goes hand in hand with building relationships, which is one important key to being productive. Work becomes easier, more enjoyable, and educational when collaborating. I think it’s a lot like having a ninja star or shuriken (a concealed blade weapon).

What's your favorite movie genre?

I love documentaries and comedies! Documentaries can be thought-provoking and educational. Comedy has the power to bring simple joy and laughter. I don’t think I can have one without the other!

What is your favorite decade? Why?

My favorite decade is the 1960s! There was so much change happening during that time – our social structure, our politics, our ideology, our popular culture – those were all being challenged and changed. It was a decade of revolution. It had to have been one of the most amazing decades in our American history to date. I also love the music and musicians that came out at that time. Some of the best!