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Associate Spotlight: Erin McReynolds

As our calendars mark the midpoint of the year, we have the pleasure of spotlighting someone who has been one of the most influential associates since starting at the Bank. She happens to be one of the many reasons our Associate Spotlight has been so successful and why our brand has such a vibrant and fun voice across our social media. Please join us in getting to know VP of Marketing and Client Experience Erin McReynolds!

How long have you worked at Fremont Bank and what do you do here?

July will mark four years (!?!?) of happiness and success here at Fremont Bank. I’m the VP of Marketing and Client Experience. My job is to ensure the Bank looks, sounds and feels appealing to people who might want to become clients. Through advertising, I’m responsible for informing those people about the Bank and encouraging them to explore what we offer. Lastly, for folks who are already clients, I assess the experiences they have and refine them to be even more positive and consistent.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

There are many things I enjoy about my job. At the top of the list is the influence I’ve had on the bank during my time here. The Bank now has content and social media marketing functions. Ads, posts, brochures, blogs – all sorts of things – are now fun and vibrant, not stuffy like so many banks. Executive interest is totally different. I introduced illustration and animation to our brand, and Bank Notes, our monthly newsletter. We have killer cardboard coasters. It’s satisfying and rewarding to work at a company that is so receptive to new ideas.

What’s your greatest strength as a business professional?

I do my best work at the intersection of strategy and creativity. What do we need to do to move Fremont Bank toward its goals? Then, how can we execute on that in a way that’s effective, engaging and “cool”?

In your heart of hearts: are you a dog person or cat person?

I love dogs – I really do. And I love dog people. But if we’re talking heart of hearts, I’m a cat person through and through. It’s the fluffy, snuggly factor for me. They’re like stuffed animals that are alive.

What are your top 3 favorite ’90s hip hop artists or groups?

Here we go, yo. That said, A Tribe Called Quest. (IYKYK.) Jurassic 5, of course – and Ozomatli. He doesn’t necessarily know it, but Chalie 2na used to be my boyfriend. Lastly, Salt-N-Pepa, the Beasties, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, De La Soul, The Fugees (plus Lauryn Hill) and/or Missy Elliott. Was that three?