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Top Workplace 2021: Carrie Valle

Fremont Bank is proud to announce that we have been named a Top Bay Area Workplace for the 11th consecutive year. Creating a bond with our clients and our community is one of the most important things to us here at Fremont Bank, and no one understands that better than Carrie Valle. Carrie treats her clients as family, making sure that every single person she sees each day will get the best service she can offer.

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Carrie: Hello, my name is Carrie Valle, I’m the branch manager of Fremont Bank in Hayward, and I’ve been an employee at Fremont Bank for the past thirty years.

Question 1: What makes Fremont Bank stand out compared to other companies you have
worked for in the past?

Carrie: What I love about Fremont Bank is that they treat their employees as well as they treat their clients. They provide special perks and amenities to the clients such as our premier events, I mean you walk into one of our branches, and the first things that you see are mints, coffee, bottled water; we just go above and beyond to provide that unique experience to our clients.

Question 2: How does it make you feel to be a part of the Fremont Bank family?

Carrie: I love working at Fremont Bank- it feels like my second home. Because I’ve been with the bank for the past thirty years, I’ve met so many friends, you know, employees as well as our clients. So I take pride in what I do, and it just gives me pleasure to be able to help our clients find solutions to their financial needs.

Question 3: What is your favorite part about working here at Fremont Bank?

Carrie: So, my favorite part about working at Fremont Bank is that all of our teams come together to accomplish one common goal, and that is to be able to provide excellent service and competitive products to our clients. As an employee, that’s really important because I want to make sure that I put my best forward each and every day to create unique and rewarding experiences for everyone.

Question 4: What is one stand-out memory from your time at Fremont Bank?

Carrie: One of my fondest memories goes all the way back to when I was a teller at the Main Branch; that was about thirty years ago. Our founder of the bank, Morris Hyman, actually worked right upstairs in the office, and he would come down and do his banking just like everybody else. And as a new teller, I asked Mr. Hyman for his ID, because I didn’t recognize him. I will never forget that he didn’t get upset, he didn’t get angry- something that I would expect an owner of a bank to do. Instead, he turned around and complimented me in front of my manager, and said that I was doing a thorough job. So, to me, that just stands out as one of the best memories of Morris Hyman; it just shows his character and the legacy that he has left behind here at Fremont Bank. So that just goes to show that the tradition of kindness lives on through Morris Hyman.

Question 5:  How has Fremont Bank allowed you to succeed in your career?

Carrie: I love that Fremont Bank promotes from within. I started as a teller many years ago, and worked my way up the ladder from customer service representative to assistant manager to the current role that I’m in as a branch manager. I could not have done that without the support and encouragement of my managers and all of the other teams that have supported me throughout the years here at Fremont Bank.

Question 6: In one word: describe how Fremont Bank makes you feel?

Carrie: I feel appreciated. Appreciated because I know that when I do a good job it is appreciated- and I feel rewarded from my mangers, from other team players within the bank. And I am proud that I can turn around and help my employees the same way that I was helped.

Question 7: Describe a time you went above and beyond for a client.

Carrie: Going above and beyond for our clients is just something that we do on a daily basis. There’s so many times that I know I have affected my clients in a positive way, because I’ll hear it from them directly or get a thank you card. That makes me feel so important and like I’m actually making a difference for someone. I remember one time, a really good client of mine unfortunately was not doing too well and was in the hospital. They needed to do some quick changes on the account, and obviously she was not able to come in to the bank and do that. So, I actually went out to her, to the hospital, and brought the paperwork that was needed to get things done on her account. To this day, she can’t thank me enough, and that just is a part of the trust that we build with our clients on a daily basis.