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Jumbo Loans

Fremont Bank offers a 5-year Jumbo Adjustable Rate Mortgage for loan amounts up to $2.5 million1 with no closing costs2 and some of the best rates around.

Whether you're purchasing a home for the first time or refinancing your existing mortgage, we offer friendly service combined with years of experience and will partner with you to find the loan that fits your needs.

5/1 Jumbo ARM Rate at

3.618 % APR1 Apply Now

Sample Loan

Loan Amount $750,000.00
Payment Term: 30 years
Down Payment: 25%
Loan-to-Value (LTV): 75%
Initial Rate 3.375%
Fully Indexed APR: 3.618%
Period of Initial Rate: 60 Months
Rate Adjustment after Initial Period Expires: Annual
First Interest Rate Change Cap: 2.00%
Subsequent Rate Change Cap: 2.00%
Maximum Lifetime Cap Over Initial Rate: 5.00%
Monthly Principal & Interest Payments*: 60 Monthly Payments of $3,315.72 then 300 Maximum Monthly Principal and Interest Payments of $5,348.85*


The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on a 30-year term with a maximum 5% cap over initial rate. Variable rate mortgage. After the initial period, rates and payments are based on the current index plus a margin and can increase or decrease annually based on changes in the index; any change may significantly impact your monthly payment.
*Payment amounts do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums. Actual payment obligation will be higher.

1 Based on owner-occupied, single-family homes only and includes discount for an automatic loan payment from a Fremont Bank account. Loan amounts $417,001-$2,500,000. Maximum 65% loan-to-value (LTV). Mortgage insurance is required for loans above 80% LTV. Subject to credit and underwriting requirements. Adequate property insurance (may include flood insurance) required. Borrower responsible for insurance requirements and applicable state, county, city taxes which can be substantial. Actual rate determined after receipt of a completed application and prior to execution of loan. Lock in fee required to secure rate. Interest rates and payments may increase after consummation. After the initial fixed-rate period, interest rate can increase or decrease annually according to the market index. Any change may significantly impact the monthly payment. Since the index in the future is unknown, the payments displayed are based on the current index plus the margin (fully indexed rate). Certain restrictions apply. The following counties can qualify for this program: Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Monterey, Santa Clara & Santa Cruz. Other loan programs available.

2 No Closing Cost loans are subject to terms and conditions of Fremont Bank’s Application Fee Agreement, which lists the specific costs and fees the borrower will not pay. An application fee may be required after a loan application is submitted, which will be refunded (credited) on your HUD-1 at loan closing. Application fee is non-refundable if your loan is denied, withdrawn, or does not close for any reason. Borrower is responsible for paying all fees and charges imposed by brokers or an existing third party lender (for example, payoff demand statement fee and/or a reconveyance fee) as well as any prepayment penalty imposed by any third party lender or Fremont Bank. Loans with lower nominal interest rates may be available to borrower willing to pay points and fees.

Refers to program 406P.

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