TrustDefender™ Client Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need anti-virus software and a firewall if I install TrustDefender™ Client?

Yes, it is strongly recommended. Using TrustDefender™ Client with anti-virus software and a firewall provides a layered approach that offers the best online banking protection.

How easy is it to install and use?

TrustDefender™ Client is quick and easy to install, by the click of a button, installation should take only a few minutes. Once installed, the software will run automatically whenever you log in to Fremont Bank Personal Online Banking. It will alert you of any issues that TrustDefender™ Client identified, while providing a step by step guide to fixing them. If no issues are found, it will operate in the background without interrupting your online banking session.

How will it impact my Fremont Bank Personal Online Banking session?

TrustDefender™ Client will not restrict, or slow down your Online Banking session unless it detects an issue. It will run seamlessly in the background, will notify you of any potential threats, and will alert you on screen immediately on how to resolve the issue. However it will allow you to log in securely while maintaining protection using 'Safe & Secure' mode, allowing you to fix the problem later. TrustDefender™ Client will prevent you from accessing third party websites while logged into a secure Online Banking session in order to protect you from fraudulent activity. You can always end the protection temporarily if you wish to visit other websites. Before doing so, we strongly recommend you Log Off of your Online Banking session first.

How will TrustDefender ™ Client provide secure access?

TrustDefender Client initially performs a check on the health and security status of your computer just prior to logging into Fremont Bank Personal Online Banking. If any potential issues are identified, it will provide you with instant feedback on how to fix them, or give you the option to continue logging in using a 'Safe and Secure' mode. When logged in to Online Banking, TrustDefender Client will help protect the connection between your computer and Fremont Bank by stopping applications that may put you at risk. This includes prohibiting malicious software from running, as well as stopping third party web-sites from attempting to access your computer or from capturing your private information.

Is my existing security software compatible with TrustDefender™ Client?

TrustDefender™ Client is an extra layer of security that complements and sits across existing security solutions when you bank online. It is designed to work in conjunction with existing security software, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and a personal firewall.

What do I do if TrustDefender tells me I have 'Security Risks or Threats Identified'?

TrustDefender™ Client will display the security status of your computer before you start your Online Banking session. If it detects any risks or threats, you will be informed. You may want to fix the problem, and by clicking on the 'Fix it' button, you will be taken to the TrustDefender 'Fix it' website, where a detailed description of how to fix the problem is displayed. If you choose not to fix the problem immediately, you can click on 'Safe & Secure' and continue your Online Banking session, and TrustDefender™ Client will continue to help protect you for that online banking session. It is highly recommended that you fix the problem first.

Where can I get help? 

For general queries on TrustDefender™ Client or Online Banking, please contact the Fremont Bank Online Banking Information Line at 877-229-5909 or Monday - Friday 8:00am - 7:00pm Pacific Time and Saturdays 9:00am to 2:00pm Pacific Time.

Why can't I open another internet site while TrustDefender™ Client is running?

TrustDefender™ Client helps protect you by preventing access to third-party websites while you’re secure Fremont Bank Personal Online Banking session is in progress. This prevents the risk of a website with malware attaching and recording your personal information, or interacting with your Online Banking session. If you do wish to open the internet site, you can do so by clicking the 'End Protection' button that will appear in your browser, or by closing down TrustDefender™ Client via the Exit button. Before doing so, we strongly recommend you logout of your Online Banking session first.

Why is the TrustDefender™ Client Notification Bar displayed? 

The TrustDefender™ Client Notification Bar provides a unique, secure system to assure you that you are on the genuine Fremont Bank website. The notification bar is part of the TrustDefender™ Client software and provides a means to identify Fremont Bank, and enables the "Secure Lockdown" of your computer. The TrustDefender™ Client Notification Bar is also used to provide security notifications should there be any issues that need your attention.

Why should I consider installing if I already have anti-virus software?

TrustDefender™ Client is not a replacement for traditional anti-virus software; it performs a different, yet complementary service. Traditional anti-virus software typically needs to become aware of a live security threat before acting, whereas TrustDefender™ Client stops any malicious or unfamiliar applications from running. TrustDefender™ Client will not require regular updates to protect against the latest types of malicious software, unlike traditional anti-virus solutions. It will work side by side with antivirus software, and should be considered a part of your online banking security solution.

Will I incur a renewal fee when the license expires? 

If you install the free version of TrustDefender™ Client from our site, you will not be required to pay a renewal fee as Fremont Bank will cover this cost on your behalf.

Will I need to update TrustDefender™ Client on a regular basis? 

TrustDefender™ Client once installed, links back to TrustDefender's Central Intelligence Server, and any updates to the existing version will be performed automatically. You will however be asked to install the latest version of TrustDefender™ Client once or twice a year, which we strongly recommend in order to maintain the most up to date security.

Will it stop me from transacting if it detects an issue?

No, it will not restrict you from transacting in online banking. If TrustDefender™ Client detects a potential threat; it will alert you of the issue. We highly recommend you stop and fix the problem immediately, or you can continue your online banking session in a 'Safe and Secure' mode without interruption, and remain protected. You can go back and fix the problem once you are done.

Will the software work with other banks online banking or web-sites? 

No, the TrustDefender™ Client package that is available to install via Fremont Bank without cost to you, will only work with Fremont Bank Personal Online Banking.

Will TrustDefender™ Client stop other software from working while banking online?

TrustDefender™ Client will work seamlessly with most common software packages, including Microsoft Office, and should not affect their operation. If TrustDefender™ Client detects any malicious or suspicious software packages; it will automatically suspend or terminate these. However, if TrustDefender™ Client incorrectly blocks a specific benign software package, you will always have the ability to let TrustDefender™ Client know the software is harmless, allowing you to use it as normal. The next time you login, TrustDefender™ Client should automatically allow the software to run without interruption.

Will TrustDefender™ Client work with my computer?

TrustDefender™ Client works with all browsers.

TrustDefenderTM Client is compatible with the following versions of Microsoft Windows:

Windows XP 32bit

Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit

Windows 7 32 & 64bit


Please note: Windows XP 64bit is NOT supported

The following versions of MAC OS are supported by TrustDefenderTM Client:

OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

OS X 10.7 (Lion)


Only Mac hardware with Intel processors are supported