IronKey Trusted Access FAQs

Are updates or integration with banking applications required to use IronKey Trusted Access for Business Online Banking?

IronKey Trusted Access for Business Online Banking does not require special application integration or modifications. Existing web-based Business Online Banking applications are accessed using the Secure Browser.

Can I access my IronKey Trusted Access system through a remote access session such as Log-Me-In or PCAnywhere?

No, unfortunately if a user is logged in remotely (e.g. log-me-in) the Trusted Browser will not accept keyboard input (though mouse input does work). The browser will only accept input from a designated keyboard driver. This is by design to ensure a hacker cannot manipulate a session remotely. In addition, even if the user does try to enter the login and password, it will not be displayed and most key loggers will not pick up the keystrokes due to the basic protection of the solution. It is NOT recommended to attempt to use this device through remote sessions.

Can I use the IronKey Trusted Access on any computer?

IronKey Trusted Access can be used on any computer that meets the minimum requirements. A hardware USB version can be used on multiple systems while the software version can be installed on a single computer.

How does IronKey Trusted Access work?

IronKey Trusted Access invokes its own operating system and secure internet browser, along with encrypting both the keyboard and information being displayed on the screen. This combination of security layers prevents criminals from stealing personal information or Online Banking login IDs or passwords. By bypassing your operating system and browser, you avoid malware and viruses which may have already affected your host system.

How does keyboard input encryption work?

IronKey Trusted Access secures keyboard input from the Windows keyboard driver through to the virtual operating environment. Windows APIs, applications, or malware attempting to intercept keyboard input will receive encrypted cipher text.

How do I start using the IronKey Trusted Access software?

Click here to view system requirements and submit your enrollment form. We will send you an email with installation instructions and a link to download the software.

What happens if my IronKey Trusted Access device is lost or stolen (Hardware version)?

If the USB security device is lost or stolen and someone tries to access it through the password protected login screen, it will “self-destruct” (become useable). If the user exceeds the number of attempts, it will self-destruct. If the device is tampered with and/or cut into to access the internal chip, it will self-destruct.

What host operating systems does IronKey Trusted Access support?

Trusted Access for Banking supports 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, and 7 along with the 64-bit version of Windows 7. The device also requires at least 2 GB of system memory.

Will IronKey Trusted Access work with Mac or Apple products?

IronKey does not currently support Apple products directly, but it has been demonstrated to work with Windows emulation running on a Mac.