IronKey Trusted Access

IronKey Trusted Access


IronKey Trusted Access

The security of your information and money is a top priority at Fremont Bank. That’s why we’re providing IronKey Trusted Access for Business Online Banking. IronKey Trusted Access helps protect your Business Online Banking activities by setting up a secure, encrypted connection to lock out malware, key loggers and other malicious attacks during your online banking session.

Enroll today to increase your Business Online Banking security. Choose either the portable USB security device or an easy downloadable software version.

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How Does IronKey Protect Me?
  • Secure Tunnel: It creates a clean and secure tunnel all the way from your keyboard to Fremont Bank’s website.
  • Existing Viruses: The data is transmitted in a controlled environment, free from viruses and malware even if your laptop or computer is infected.
  • Key Loggers: Each keystroke is encrypted preventing key log programs from capturing username and password information.
  • Encrypted Traffic: It encrypts information while being transmitted in the secure tunnel.

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For questions, please contact corporate.services@fremontbank.com or call 866-222-7215, Monday – Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

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