Visa® Business Debit Card FAQs

How do I apply for a Visa® Business Debit Card?

If you already have a Fremont Bank business checking account, visit your local Fremont Bank branch to request a Visa Business Debit Card. If you don't already have a business checking account, visit one of our Fremont Bank branches today to apply.

How do I activate my Visa Business Debit Card?

When you receive your card, call the toll-free phone number on the sticker attached to the front. After the card is activated, peel off the sticker and sign the signature panel on the back immediately.

How is my Visa Business Debit Card different from a credit card?

Your Visa Business Debit Card is not a credit card. Purchases are deducted automatically from your Fremont Bank Business Checking Account and detailed on your monthly statement.

Can I view purchases I make with the Visa Business Debit Card online?

Yes. With FREE Business Online Banking, you have anytime, anywhere access to your account. You can view transactions, check balances, transfer funds and more. Plus, you can download account data directly into most major financial accounting software. Talk to your local Fremont Bank branch associate or call (800) 359-2265 to find out more information.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Simply call us toll-free at (800) 359-2265 as soon as you notice your card is lost or stolen, or if you notice unauthorized use on your account. We'll cancel your card and issue a replacement within days.

What if I have a billing dispute with a merchant?

The first step is always to try and resolve the dispute directly with the merchant. If those efforts fail, then call (800) 359-2265 to make a claim and we will investigate it. Please refer to your current Visa Business Debit Card Agreement for details regarding your responsibility to notify us of disputes within specific timeframes.

Are purchases I make with my card protected?

Most1 purchases you make with your Visa Business Debit Card are protected against loss, theft and accidental damage under the Purchase Protection benefit. Also, the Extended Protection program doubles most manufacturers' warranties on purchases you make with your card up to one full year.

1 Not available on PIN based transactions.