About Me

Hello, I’m Grace Vasquez-Bautista a Multifamily Loan Officer at Fremont Bank. I’ve been in banking for over 22 years, currently specializing in apartment and commercial lending. I enjoy taking the time to understand my clients and their business. Many of them return because of the superb service I provide. Let me help you with your Multifamily lending needs, call me today. 

Why Choose Fremont Bank

When it comes to financing an apartment building, Fremont Bank offers a variety of terms with some of the best rates in the country. Whether it's an initial purchase or a refinance we have the loan for you with no point and cash-out options to give you greater flexibility. The advantages of partnering with Fremont Bank are the access to fast, local decision makers and our streamlined appraisal process.

Portfolio Apartment and Commercial Loans

Loans on 5 or more unit apartments and commercial real estate throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
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Fixed and Adjustable Rates

Fremont Bank can provide the right mix of rates for most lending scenarios. Loan programs available with no point options and low processing fees.
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