Jolee Ditmore, Director, Branch Services

Why Fremont Bank?

I choose to work for Fremont Bank because of the great working relationships with the associates and clients that I have established during the last 13 years. In addition, there are endless career advancement opportunities within the bank and you truly feel like you are making a difference in the day to day operations of the bank.


I appreciate working for Fremont Bank because we are a feel good community bank. We are committed to giving back to the community by giving grants and donations to local non-profits. We also have programs that allow associates to participate in community service events. Plus, we have products that are designed to give back to local charities and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Advancement and growth

I have actively participated in many internal and external training sessions including management development, and the facilitated mentoring program. In addition, Fremont Bank executives are heavily involved in the operations of the bank and want to hear from associates. It is common to see executives walking the floors and engaging in conversations with associates. This allows great visibility in the company, which aids in career development.

Advice to the Applicant

If you are looking for career advancement, Fremont Bank is the place. Fremont Bank recognizes and rewards talent and is committed to developing that talent through training and mentoring programs. When new positions open the bank looks for talent within the company before extending the opportunity to external candidates.