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Need an address, have a question or want to make a comment? We're available for you. You'll find us ready to listen. Need information? We'll be delighted to provide it.

Just remember:
  • If you have a banking transaction, such as a stop payment, you'll need immediate response. You can get it by visiting any Fremont Bank branch or calling 800-359-BANK (2265). You can also enter a stop payment request online if you have Personal Online Banking.
  • For other communications, you can e-mail as well as call. Be sure to include your name, email address, subject and message. DO NOT send sensitive information, such as account numbers, for security reasons.

For your protection, please use email or general inquiries only. To contact us about issues you may have with current accounts and services, call us at 800-359-BANK (2265), email us at Bankinfo@fremontbank.com, or if your existing agreements require that you contact us via a different means (such as at a specified telephone number or address), please contact us in the manner specified.

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General Contacts
General Information (510) 792-2300
(800) 359-BANK (2265)
Account Information (24-hour) (510) 723-5778
(800) 359-BANK (2265)
Human Resources (510) 259-4747 Jobs@fremontbank.com
Fraud Prevention (510) 723-5780  
Public Relations   MediaRelations@fremontbank.com

Personal Banking & Lending Contacts
Personal Online Banking (510) 723-5780
(866) 222-6304
Online Bill Pay (510) 723-5780
(866) 222-6304
Personal Checking & Savings (510) 723-5780
(866) 222-6304
Personal Lending Products (866) 997-7359 Loans@fremontbank.com
Existing Loans (877) 693-6898 LoanServicing@fremontbank.com
Payoff Request   Submit Your Request
Community Lending (866) 222-6146 CRA@fremontbank.com

Business Banking & Lending Contacts
Business Online Banking (510) 723-5831
(866) 222-7215
Business Checking & Savings (510) 792-2300 Corporate.Services@fremontbank.com
Merchant Services (866) 222-7215 Corporate.Services@fremontbank.com
Lockbox Services (510) 723-5869 Lockbox@fremontbank.com
Commercial Real Estate Loans (866) 229-5534 CommercialRealEstate@fremontbank.com
Multifamily(5+ units) Loans (877) 403-6349 Multifamily@fremontbank.com
Existing Commercial Loans (510) 505-5321  

Investment Services Contacts
Investment Services (800) 400-7067
Wealth & Estate Services (800) 400-7067

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