“Although we have suffered water damage, we are operating normally with no disruptions in our client service,” said Fremont Bank President, Andy Mastorakis

Like many of our customers, we have had to deal with the ravages of water this winter. On Monday night, February 20 water and mud began to flow into our Livermore Operations Center, forcing us to temporarily relocate from the building. This is where we house our call centers and our commercial and residential lending operations. We are heartened that none of our employees were harmed and no one required rescuing from our facility that day. It appears we will not be able to return to our Livermore facility for several weeks. We know our primary job as your community bank is to be there for you. One way we make sure you can depend on us is our Disaster Recovery Plan, carefully created and regularly tested. 

We put that Plan into operation on Monday and our staff worked heroically through the night to set up computers and telephones and to relocate more than 300 people to alternative sites at the Bank. On Tuesday morning our call centers were up and running and we were processing loans and continuing to take care of our clients’ needs without a major disruption in service for our clients or our staff.  Many customers never knew we had an incident to contend with and we continue to be here for you. You can count on us.
At the same time, we appreciate once again how we, in turn, can count on our customers and what it means to be truly a part of a community. No one can succeed alone. We have called on our clients for assistance and they have uniformly responded in a big way. While there are too many names to list, Fremont Bank clients are helping with our recovery and repair efforts, which have already begun. You have provided advice to us on issues related to reconstruction, insurance, legal, and security matters. You have helped us to investigate the causes of this water and mud damage. You have provided catered food for our relocated staff so they can concentrate on serving your needs as Bank clients. We are grateful for your expertise and appreciate your wise counsel and valuable services.

We are amazed at the resilience and responsiveness of our staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure the Bank continues to operate as normally as possible. And we are thankful to be an integral part of so many communities in our service area, having developed mutually beneficial relationships that allow us all to succeed. Thank you!

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